D~28. Steamed Longli fish or(fried fish)(1pc) / 清蒸龙利鱼(或者炸鱼)


Ingredients: Longli fish, ginger. onions, cooking wine, Various seasonings or starch thickening deep-fried. For steaming, please refer to the picture of steamed whole fish in D~11 Steamed fish,

This is a whole fish, with spines and bones, and is not recommended for consumption by people outside of Asia. (Only for Asians consumption).

材料: 龙利鱼、生姜。 洋葱、料酒、各种调味料或淀粉勾芡油炸。清蒸请参考D~11清蒸鱼中清蒸全鱼的图片,

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