D~19. Sweet and Sour Yellow Croaker


This is a whole yellow croaker 8 inches – 9 inches, a marine fish from the Asia Pacific Ocean.
Method: After deep-frying and thickening, pour it on the fish.
Ingredients: Fish, Ginger, Garlic , Sugar, Vinegar.
Taste: Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, sweet and sour, hot

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Note: This is a whole fish with fish prick, fish bones and fish heads. If you eat this fish for the first time, you must eat it carefully. Be careful that the fish prick will hurt people. It is not recommended for people outside Asia to eat this fish。 If, accidentally cause injury, the restaurant does not assume any medical and legal responsibility. you by purchasing this dish, you signify that you are solely responsible for the injury。

When you choose to taste Asian dishes with strong characteristics, you must choose Asian dishes according to your eating habits. The dishes we make do not change the original taste of Asian food, which is a diet that Asians are accustomed to eating. However, for people from other countries in the world from all continents, it may not be your usual eating habits. For example, the fish we cook is a whole fish, it has fish head and fish bones. Customers should pay special attention to these issues when choosing our food. Because what we prepare is authentic Asian food, you must choose Asian food according to the food you can accept.

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